I have heard it so many times before, “I don’t have time to prep” or “I couldn’t eat the same thing every day.” Meal prepping can make or break your game. We all have the same 24 hours in the day. First, think about what are your time wasters? Can you spend less time on your phone or computer? Can you spend less time in front of the TV? Can you wake up 30 minutes earlier and go to bed 30 min later? Can you stay in one night per week?

You get the point.

If you make the time to meal prep one or two days per week, it can really save you time later in the week and keep you on track. Planning is everything. Here are some tips on how to make meal prep easy.

  1. Make a menu. Each week pick 5-6 recipes from your Pinterest board, the internet, or a recipe book. Check some of my favorite recipe book recommendations here.

Pro Tip → Avoid picking recipes that can be too time consuming and tricky. This will speed up your meal prep time. I usually pick 3 recipes with 3 different protein types. 1 recipe is usually a slow cooker recipe, one recipe is made on the grill, and 1 can be baked.

  1. Pick one day per week to get your grocery shopping out of the way. It is important that you go shopping before you run out of prepped meals. I usually go shopping Friday night.


Pro Tip → Subscribe to a grocery service to save time and trips to the store. Butcher Box is a great service that delivers 100% grass fed beef and free-range organic chicken directly to your door. Try a local CSA for fresh organic fruits and vegetables delivered weekly.


  1. Set aside 1-2 hours to cook your food. I always cook 1 protein in the crockpot, 1 protein on the grill, and 1 protein in the oven. You can always grill or bake veggies, make rice in your rice cooker, and portion out salads and dressings while your proteins are cooking.


Pro Tip → Cook extras and keep in the freezer for emergencies. If you run out of prepped food during the week, you can pull stuff from the freezer to thaw and eat. This is also a good move before vacations so that when you come home you can get back on track immediately and are prepared for the week.


Keep it simple. Don’t get carried away and try to make too many new recipes at once. Things do not always go as planned or could take longer than anticipated. Set a goal to learn 1 new recipe each week, and by the end of the year you will have learned how to make 52 new things!