by | Jul 8, 2018 | Success Stories

I have always struggled with my weight. Since about first grade, I was the fat kid in class. To make matters worse, while my parents were generally supportive, they never encouraged physical activity and were all about feeding me. It’s no surprise that by my junior year of college I weighed 235 lbs and had enough muscle mass to barely get a few reps benching 45 lbs. Things did change a bit, however, during my junior year. I was friends with many of the guys on the wrestling team at school and they encouraged me to get into shape. I manage to shed a bunch of the weight and by my senior year weighed 195 and was considerably healthier. Over the years, I would swing up and down as life events would either permit or derail my fitness. Marriage, work, a child, school, and divorce took their toll on my body. I tried many things to get into shape on my own and was moderately successful. However, the results never stuck for too long. After a trip to Miami over Memorial Day weekend to visit some friends, I found myself depressed. My friends are particularly fit, and I sort of felt inadequate, and that I let my life get out of control. It was at that point that I decided I needed help. I started working with Lauren on June 6, 2017. I don’t really know how much I weighed when I started because I was too terrified to get on a scale. I learned later that on June 10, I was at 225 lbs at 30.1 percent body fat. I was skeptical that any plan would really work, and I had a ton of questions that Lauren patiently answered, and I’m sure I wasn’t an easy client to work with. I quickly started seeing results, dropping five pounds by June 23. Lauren encouraged me throughout the process, educated me about how my body works, and kept me accountable throughout the process. I am writing this on November 12, 2017. After five months of consistent effort of exercise and following Lauren’s nutrition plan, I am 184 lbs. I’m actually in disbelief as I type this because I have never been at this weight as an adult. Even when I was in better shape for me, my progress would always stall at around 200 lbs. I have learned a lot from this process and Lauren was a very valuable ally in this battle and I would not have gotten here without her help. I certainly put in a lot of work on my end, but with my consistency of effort and Lauren’s easy to follow plan, this transformation happened far more quickly than I ever imagined. I’m still not done yet and am excited about the future. I can’t wait to see how far I can go and what I can achieve.